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13/05/2022: Surveys and Mortgages

Whether you buy a second hand car or a second hand house it makes sense to have a professional look at it for you. So we recommend that you get a full survey done on the property you want to buy. Read +

13/05/2022: Minority Shareholder Rights

How long can a shareholder wait to bring a claim for unfair prejudice? Read +

13/05/2022: Why a Power of Attorney is a good, flexible way of managing your life if you can’t.

Power of attorney is a legal device by which you can appoint somebody else to manage your affairs if you are unable to do it for yourself, or just to help you manage your affairs if you can only manage them to an extent yourself. Read +

31/03/2022: Average house price in Reading exceeds ÂŁ380,000

Asking prices up 1.7% in March, biggest monthly rise for this time of year in 18 years, according to Rightmove Read +

31/03/2022: April Sees The Introduction of No Fault Divorce

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, allowing married couples to divorce without assigning blame, becomes legal on April 6th 2022. Read +

24/03/2022: Can Residential Landlords Put Up Rent As They Like?

The tug-of-war between landlords and tenants continues as landlords seek to significantly increase rent to offset government changes. Read +

24/03/2022: When Can An Order be Made to Access Your Neighbour's Land?

A recent case explores the issue Read +

24/03/2022: Witnesses Giving Evidence by Video Link

In a recent case a witness tried to give evidence while driving a van Read +

31/01/2022: Companies Signing Eviction Notices

By s.8 Housing Act 1988 Act, the court may not “entertain proceedings for possession” unless the landlord has served a notice in the prescribed form or the court has dispensed with the need for such a notice. Read +

31/01/2022: Protect your land and property from fraud

Property fraud is increasing. Properties being sold or illegally mortgaged without the owner’s knowledge or consent, are regularly reported in newspapers. Read +

31/01/2022: Lawyers Making Mistakes

The technical aspects of the law mean that it is easy to make a mistake unless you check and double check paperwork, and when you are dealing with other solicitors, you can be sure that those mistakes will be picked up pretty quickly. Read +

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