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25/01/2022: What You Should Know Before Repaying a Buy to Let Mortgage

Debbie Sumitra, Conveyancing Solicitor in Reading at Hewetts Solicitors explains… Read +

06/12/2021: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Signing a Franchise Agreement

Here are five ways to protect yourself when signing a franchise agreement that will help ensure that your investment is as safe as possible. Read +

06/12/2021: Collaborative Family Law

In order to be able to enter into a collaborative family law agreement, you need to have a solicitor who can advise you and your partner on entering into a Collaborative Agreement. Read +

03/12/2021: Ruling on Rental Repayment Orders in an HMO

If landlords are in breach of HMO licence regulations, they may be ordered to repay rent to the tenant Read +

02/12/2021: Settlement Agreements Explained

If you are in a sticky work situation, or you are being made redundant or there is an employment dispute, you might want to find out what settlement agreements are and how they can help both employees and employers in certain situations. If you are in a Read +

16/11/2021: Reading Family Justice Professionals Mark Good Divorce Week

Hewetts Solicitors in Reading are showing their support for Good Divorce Week 2021 by offering free advice sessions to families. Read +

04/11/2021: What Do You Need To Do Before You Buy A Business?

Most new businesses fail, but if you have an existing business you can buy it usually has a track record and existing customers and cash flow. Therefore it is often a good bet to buy an existing business. But what do you have to do to make the purchase a Read +

11/10/2021: Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector

New Regulations impose duties on private landlords of residential premises in England in respect of electrical safety standards Read +

04/10/2021: Court Fees Increase 2021

Court fees have increased as of 30 September 2021 Read +

01/10/2021: Hewetts Solicitors Guide For Landlords - Your Questions About Tenant Evictions Answered.

We know that landlords have enough to deal with when owning property and we like to take the stress, hassle and emotion out of the situation by providing our tenant eviction service. Read +

29/09/2021: Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 and Access Orders

Many people who come to Hewetts Solicitors to sort out their boundary dispute have already tried to get help. Often, they have talked to the local council, landlord or even the police. Read +

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