Employment Contracts and Directors Service Agreements: Expert Advice

Employment Contracts

Drafted correctly, your contracts, policies and procedures will help you manage your business, comply with current legislation, and deal with many day-to-day employment matters such as sickness absence and performance more easily.

Coincidentally, a lot of claims fall back onto the drafting of the employment contract and staff policies and procedures. Therefore drafted properly, your contracts, policies and procedures will assist in the day to day management of your business, keep you in line with current legislation and deal with any HR situations that come your way.

The law is constantly evolving therefore it is best practice for employers to regularly review employment contracts to ensure they are compliant with current legislation and that they meet the needs of the organisation. We can help employers by:-

  • Drafting up to date, bespoke contracts of employment/service agreements for all levels of employees
  • Drafting and advising on restrictive covenants to protect organisations from loss and damage following the departure of an employee
  • Reviewing and updating contracts of employment/service agreements
  • Advising and supporting organisations to change their terms and conditions of employment
  • Drafting staff handbooks and general employment policies and procedures


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