Living Together and Property Disputes

Over recent years, there has been a steady rise of the number of families who live together without being married, without understanding the legal consequences. For a long time the myth of “common law spouse” has been referred to in the media, with people believing they have rights when they do not. With the increase in property prices it is not unusual for friends, siblings, and family members to purchase property together.

At Hewetts we are experienced in providing guidance and advice to friends, partners and family members who may be in this situation. It is sensible to take proper advice before purchasing a property jointly or investing in a property owned by another person, as there are legal documents that can be put into place to minimise disputes arising at a later date.  These can include Living Together Agreements, or Declarations of Trust.

Our family team is experienced in dealing with all aspects of issues that can arise between joint owners of property (whether they are in a relationship or not), couples living together, with or without children, and can provide advice on:

  • Living Together Agreements
  • Declarations of Trust
  • Property/assets disputes
  • Financial provision for children

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