Employment Tribunal - Advice and Representation

Times may arise when there is little room for negotiation or delay. In times like this, commencing legal proceedings may be the only way to obtain justice.

We are experienced at personally representing individuals in the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. We will assist you through each stage of the process for you including (but not limited to):

  • Issuing your claim;
  • Collating and reviewing relevant documentation
  • Drafting of the witness statements
  • Representing you at preliminary and full hearings

We rarely need to outsource your matter for hearings as Oliver Kew is a Solicitor Advocate (meaning he has Higher Rights of Audience and can represent clients at Tribunals and Courts). The benefit of this is that you receive consistency in approach for the life of your claim and no aspect of your claim will go unnoticed.

In most situations we are able to represent employees who have handled their claim themselves but when a preliminary hearing or a final hearing is listed, feel that they need expert representation.


For further advice call Oliver Kew on 0118 955 9612 or email him at o.kew@hewetts.co.uk


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