Preparation of Wills by Regulated Solicitors

Preparation of Wills by Regulated Solicitors

Careful preparation of Wills can achieve huge tax savings, be it inheritance tax, income tax or capital gains tax; and also facilitate protection of assets from the need to self fund future care costs and in our later years from financial predators who prey on the old and infirm with scams of one kind or another. Hewetts can offer you a first-rate Wills drafting service by expert and experienced solicitors, to enable you to make sure that your estate is allocated exactly how you would want it to be, while at the same time allowing for the best possible tax planning for your assets. We are based in Reading but operate nationally, and are fully regulated.

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Hewetts can offer advice on administration of estates after death, preparation of Wills and Trusts, estate tax planning, and elderly client issues such as Lasting Powers of Attorney.

  • Do you worry about the amount of Inheritance Tax you might have to pay when you die?
  • Do you assume that if you die without a will everything automatically pass to your surviving spouse? Wrong! That doesn’t always happen and sometimes the home may have to be sold.
  • Do you want to provide for step children or children from previous relationships?
  • Do you want to preserve your assets as much as possible for the benefit of those you love
  • Do you ever worry about how you might cope with old-age or infirmity?

These are all important questions that may prompt you to seek legal advice. The best tax planning often takes a substantial number of years to achieve so consider starting the process now. Also you never know when death or illness may strike, and so don’t put off making a will.

Enormous tax savings can be achieved through a combination of carefully drawn wills and trusts.

Tim Butcher in our Private Client Department can assist with any queries you may have about the drawing up of your Will.

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