Is Now A Good Time To Buy Or Sell A Business?

This is a question I get asked frequently. And my answer this January is “Yes, I think now is a good time to sell or buy.” Why do I say that? With the election out of the way, there is a more politically stable environment. Also, the start of a new year often results in an increase in business owners planning for future, which inevitably leads to sales and acquisitions.


You need:

  • Confidence
  • Momentum
  • Success Outcome

Picking the right moment to buy or sell a business is similar to building a football team.  You want to win the league and be declared champions.  But first you have to build Confidence, which leads to increasing Momentum which leads to the ultimate Success Outcome i.e. winning the League/getting the right price for the business you are selling or buying.

These key elements usually need a team to deliver. A good coach, (solicitor) manager (you) assistant, manager (accountants) often work together as a winning combination. Their roles and activity all depend on what your reasons are to buy or sell.


For a Purchaser these are the main reasons –

  • You wish to expand
  • You wish to purchase the competition
  • You wish to cure a lack of succession in your current business
  • You wish to enter the market for the first time

For a Seller the main reasons are -

  • You wish to retire
  • You wish to move into a different type of business
  • You wish to reduce debt


Having coached a number of business owners last season throughout 2019, I thought I'd highlight a few of the results the team at Hewetts achieved.

Big Wins HEWETTS helped with in 2019

  • Assisting an Office Supply company in negotiating Heads of Terms to bring about a financially beneficially acquisition saving tax and stamp duty on share purchase.
  • Positioning large multi office Funeral Directors in the market for sale by consolidating property, intellectual property rights and advising on TUPE issues
  • Advising restaurant chain on movement of assets to holding company and creation of new structure to save annual fees and reduce liability on rents.
  • Enabling acquisition of shares in a Supermarket by proxy where seller was uncooperative.
  • Acting on sale of a Bar and Restaurant Franchise including premises. Assisting with negotiations to obtain sale price in most tax effective way.
  • Restructure of Recruitment company to move assets in to holding company and reduce liabilities.
  • Completing acquisition of IT company in record time – 28 days start to finish.
  • Reorganisation of Medical Practice, GP Surgeryallowing for exiting GPs and taking in new GPS involving leases, trusts and property transfers.

These are just a few examples of where we have been able to add value to the transaction by reducing liabilities and making financial and tax savings.


  • Expertise and Experience

We've a long established corporate practice area, (actually since 1893!)

 I have been fortunate enough to work closely with a team including an employment lawyer and corporate lawyer to provide a very personal service throughout process.

  • All types of business

The range of business we have act for is diverse. This is including IT companies, recruitment companies, Charity based companies, funeral directors, bars and restaurants, hairdressers, professional firms such as surveyors, accountants, doctors vets, also manufacturing companies and most service companies.


Please contact Geoff Kew for an informal and confidential discussion if you are considering buying or selling a business in 2020.

0118 957 5337 or email

Published on 06/01/2020

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