Divorce Week Starts on the Jan 11th 2021

Unfortunately, the second  true week back at work after Christmas and New Year is commonly referred to as “Divorce Week” within legal circles.

"This time of year is when people make decisions about their future. This may be for various reasons, but often parties will consider the New Year as an opportunity for a new start, which may also mean that they may decide that a relationship is ending or has ended," says Madeleine Young, Director at Hewetts Solicitors.

"With many couples having spent the last year in difficult circumstances because of the pandemic I expect there will be a surge in separations in January. But at Hewetts we advise that before you take any decision you must see how the legal landscape lies, especially if there are children involved”

“That's why we offer a free consultation in January. It's so that you have time to consider your own circumstances, what your options are and to then make informed and personal decisions."

UK law currently states a married couple must have a reason to get divorced. It is hoped that this may change in the future, allowing for a further option for couples to divorce without having to “blame” one another for the breakdown of the marriage. Legal Aid was removed in 2012 for most divorces. “Most mistakes when filing for divorce are made by “litigants in person” which is where someone uses the online system to do things themselves and ends up filing the wrong paperwork.” says Madeleine.

She adds, "We're certainly not celebrating a busy January because people ask us for divorce advice. But we hope that our advice helps someone start a new life once they have decided that divorce or separation is the path they want to take.”

If you are thinking about divorce Hewetts have a special divorce guide available for free on their website. You can find it here https://www.hewetts.co.uk/the-good-divorce-guide.htm

Here are 3 reasons why a solicitor should be the starting point for divorce advice.

  • The law changes from time to time. Solicitors must keep up with the law.
  • As solicitors we have to make sure that the advice given is applied in the right way.
  • There are so many common myths about divorce that you must consult a solicitor before you separate otherwise you won’t know what the outcome may be.


Madeleine Young is a Director at Hewetts Solicitors and the family law expert dealing with divorce. For more information please telephone 0118 9575337 or email M.Young@hewetts.co.uk

Published on 17/12/2020

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