April Sees The Introduction of No Fault Divorce

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, allowing married couples to divorce without assigning blame, becomes legal on April 6th 2022.

The delayed introduction of the Act, has apparently been to allow time for the necessary computer system change necessary for HMCTS’s online divorce systems to work.

“No Blame” Divorce

The “no blame” divorce law is something that will make it easier for couples to part amicably.

Couples do not want to blame each other for their divorce, and often, finding a reason to blame a person for a divorce, or breakdown or a marriage, creates artificial barriers to an amicable settlement and smooth transformation to a new family situation.

The blame game often means resentment and acrimony, and it’s not the way to start negotiations about separation and support, particularly where there are children involved.

The change in the law will help couples use collaborative law to separate, which ultimately reduces legal costs and decreases stress for all participants.

DIY Divorce and Quickie Divorces

No-fault divorce can make the divorce process easier, and many may be tempted to go for a quickie divorce, so as to not drag things out. However, please do not do this.

It is always worth getting expert legal advice when splitting up.

“In theory, you can handle your own divorce ” says Madeleine Young of Hewetts Solicitors.

“But even if you happen to agree on everything, children, property, assets, pensions and support, there are very few people who can tie everything up legally. Without legally binding obligations, you are left trusting your ex-partner with the verbal agreement you have made. This can easily backfire, especially when new partners come on to the scene.”

“Often one person does not even know what mortgage there is remaining or what pensions have been built up. A divorce settlement needs to be done thoroughly so that nothing is left out.”

Get Expert Help - A free 15 minute phone call can be reserved with our family law experts.

Having an initial meeting with a solicitor will give you an idea of whether you are able to handle things yourself, and what the likely outcome may be. Even if you decide to go it alone you will at least be forearmed with the knowledge of what you should be doing.

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Published on 31/03/2022

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