Oliver Kew

Oliver Kew

Oliver is a Solicitor at Hewetts, and offers a number of services.

He works primarily in the civil litigation arena, bringing and defending monetary claims on behalf of clients. He also assists landlords in evicting tenants (with an exceptionally high success rate) and specialises in boundary disputes between neighbours and professional negligence claims.

Oliver also deals with shareholder disputes and partnership disputes and has conducted a great number of cases to a resolution without the need for court proceedings.

He also offers start up advice for new business, as well as ongoing advice on how to improve the legal protection of existing businesses. This covers advice for companies, partnerships and sole traders. This covers advice on any individual contracts, transactions, or arrangements the business may be entering into. It also includes help with drafting:

  • Terms and conditions for businesses;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Partnership agreements; and
  • Policies of business.

Finally, Oliver also advises on and assists with the acquisitions and sales of companies and charities, including such elements of the transaction as:

  • Due diligence questions and replies;
  • Disclosure bundles and letters;
  • Loan and funding agreements;
  • Transfer documents;
  • Resignation and appointment of Directors and Members;
  • Board and Shareholder minutes;
  • Transfer of shares under companies limited by shares, or transfer of Membership status under companies limited by guarantee;
  • Amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association;

Recently, Oliver has assisted in a number of large-scale charity mergers.


Email: o.kew@hewetts.co.uk

Phone: 0118 9559 612

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