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We have a specialist Neighbour Dispute department at Hewetts Solicitors that is run by Oliver Kew. So when we see stories in the national media, about overhanging trees or trespassing (like this one in the Daily Mirror) we are very aware of the problems these cause.

In many cases, expensive and even ruinous legal fees are mentioned as part of the story. That’s because there is no formal mechanism to resolve disputes between householders, and things often get out of hand and spiral out of control, leading to costly and often unsuccessful litigation.

We have written an extensive article about the types of disputes that cause problems here$241.htm

“But it’s only a tree!”

To many people, a tree is something of beauty. To others it is a nuisance. Because people have different opinions, usually based on whether it is affecting them, disputes are all too common to arise. Whether it is garden boundaries, trees or hedges, there are often a lot of personal elements to take into account. We often get asked questions such as:

  • When a tall tree blocks your light, what can you do?
  • Can you cut back the overhanging tree in your garden without their consent?
  • Do you have to tell neighbours you are cutting their tree?
  • Do you have to give them the cuttings?

Get Advice Before You Do Anything.

The main thing to remember is that early advice is the best advice.

That’s because most disputes can be sorted out, without the need to go to court. Knowing the law, but also, how to use the law to your advantage, is ultimately much cheaper than taking a dispute to court and often has exactly the same outcome, without the expense.

We offer an initial appointment for up to 45 minutes for £85+VAT To reserve your call with Oliver Kew please email or call 0118 957 5337

You may also be interested to read about accessing neighbouring properties. Here is our article on that subject.$266.htm

Call Oliver Kew on 0118 957 5337 for more information.

Published on 05/07/2022

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