English Housing Survey Statistics

In December 2023, the DLUHC published the headline details of the 2022-23 English Housing Survey. Key details include:

(a) Owner occupiers make up 65% of households in England, with private rents at 19% and social rents at 16%.

(b) Around 5% (1.1 million dwellings) of the English housing stock is vacant.

(c) Over the previous 10 years, the proportion of homes with A-C energy efficiency ratings has risen from 19% to 48%.

(d) Around 11% of mortgagers reported difficulties affording their mortgages, whilst 29% of private tenants and 27% of social tenants reported difficulties with paying their rents.

Possession claims: In November 2023, the Ministry of Justice published details of housing possession claims for the period July-September 2023. There were 4,185 mortgage possession claims issued (a 14% increase on the same period in 2022) and 2,923 possession orders made (18% increase). Possession claims by landlords (both social and private) increased by 19% to 21,007, with 17,977 orders made (17% increase).

Private rents: In November 2023, the ONS published details showing that private rents in the UK rose by 6.1% in the year to October 2023. This followed a 5.7% increase the year before


Oliver Kew

Published on 25/01/2024

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