Complying With Court Orders

There are thousands of people currently worried about what will happen if they do not comply with a Court order.  They may be orders in Family proceedings, such as a child arrangements order, or an order in financial proceedings, perhaps to have a property valued.  They might also be orders in Civil proceedings, requiring one party to carry out a particular act within a timescale.

It is hard to imagine that the Judges will penalise people if they are genuinely unable to comply with a Court order because of the current pandemic.  However, we would also expect that the Judges will want to see that parties have taken steps to mitigate the problem – the Court orders are not simply going to disappear, and at some point when “normal” life resumes people will be held accountable.

Make sure that you are doing all you can now to avoid problems in the future.

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Published on 24/03/2020

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