Legal advice from Hewetts Solicitors. We are an experienced law firm based in Reading and offer legal expertise to both private and business clients. 

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Established in 1893, Hewetts Solicitors have a proven track record of offering an approachable and personal service, expert legal advice in specialist areas, value for money, efficiency, integrity and confidentiality. We are based in Reading and act for both private and business clients.

We aim to provide a complete service in order to meet all of your legal needs. We understand that it can be difficult to find a solicitor that you trust, and we are proud of the fact that around 80% of our business comes to us from existing clients and referrals.

Hewetts has lawyers who continue to assist with the legal needs of both businesses and individuals. We have the expertise and commitment to help in complex business transactions as well as the understanding and patience to help with even the most simple legal issues. We can offer you that something different.

We would encourage you always to take legal advice from a professional firm of solicitors such as ourselves. All of our solicitors are full members of the Law Society. We are qualified solicitors, experts in our field, and we are happy to offer professional, confidential and trustworthy advice.

We offer free initial advice in most areas.

Art Work

Hewetts Supporting Local Artists

Hewetts have recently started an exciting new project following the completion of renovation works to our reception area. We are now working in connection with local artists to display a number of their pictures in our reception area, not only to enhance the look of our ground floor but also so we can show off some of the beautiful artwork from local talent.

We will be adding to and changing the artwork once every 3 to 4 months to allow new artists to display their work. The artwork itself is for sale and you can either speak to our receptionist or pick up a business card, so that you may contact the artist directly.

Any artists who would like their work displayed need only call in and ask!

Solicitors in Reading - Hewetts Supporting the Law Society

Hewetts Supporting the Law Society

Hewetts are happy to support the Law Society in their new ‘Ask a Solicitor’ campaign. It is vital that members of the public receive their legal advice from fully qualified Solicitors who have experience and expertise in their particular field of law. If you would like to visit the Law Society page for further information then please click the picture.

Hewetts News

31/10/2014: Public Sector Redundancy Reform Plans

The Treasury has decided to push ahead with plans that would require highly-paid public sector workers to return some (or possibly all) of their redundancy payment if they return to work in the same part of the sector within a year. Read +

25/09/2014: Passing Off Action Fails

Cranford Community College fails to prove that people confused it with Cranford College or that is suffered loss as a result. Read +

29/08/2014: Injunction Granted Against Leaving CEO

The Court grants an injunction to stop the defendant working for a competitor company for 12 months from giving notice. Read +

07/08/2014: Court Refuses to Imply Contract Terms

A fee paying school brought a claim for unpaid fees. The parents counter-claimed for breach of implied terms. Read +

30/07/2014: Tenant Fails in Human Rights Claim to Stop Eviction

A tenant suffering from a mental disorder has failed in an appeal on eviction by her landlord's mortgage lender. Read +

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